Flowdan – Groundhog

Roll Deep founding member Marc Veira, more notoriously known as Flowdan, slows down his signature rapid fire delivering this time, to really say lyrics not just spray them. The production is clever enough to truly stay in the background so that you can’t help but be focussed on the narrative. Every part feels useful. The drums are clearly mimicking a heartbeat, with the rate only altering to accentuate certain bars. If the drums are the heart, the synth stabs you hear at the end of each line are the mind. They serve as full stops to remind you that you can’t ponder on any one point because an equally intriguing one is about to be made. I find it most effective on “The judge slapped him with a sentence/ Not one ounce of repentance/ Tried the screw face ting/ when he was about on the wing/ but when he got punched up he remembered that he wasn’t ‘bout that life”

This song is non-judgmental look at how an average boy can find himself caught up in gang activity and how it affects the people around him. This track is a great example of where Grime is as a genre right now. Talented MCs telling stories over well thought out production.

Flowdan’s album disasterpiece is out now. For vintage Flowdan check out Roll Deep’s Rules and Regulations album.

Track Rating 4/5

By Karl O’Connor.


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