Five Guys, Watford.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I eat some burgers and give a review.


Somewhere on Earth, there are five males that I would like to locate and thank for the masterpiece I was lucky enough to have in my mouth during my time at Five Guys, Watford. I don’t know if it was because I was particularly hungry on the day of my Five Guys cheeseburger, or that it was my first Five Guys, but it was quite honestly one of the best pieces of food I have ever digested, this is a big thing for me.

The Burger.

Soft bun, mayo laced on the top half, mustard on the bottom, fried onions and grilled mushrooms for texture and taste additions then finished off with two, yes two perfectly cooked beef patties topped with cheese makes for a bloody good burger – trust me!

The Experience.

Considering it was a Saturday, the queue for the till was non existent (probably lucky) and I was placing my order within a minute of being in there. After paying I made my way over to the burger prep station where I could watch the workers construct my desires, this was pleasing but also frustrating because watching them was making my mouth water. Within minutes I had my foil wrapped burger in hand and found myself a comfy place to eat it. As my belly moaned I had to resist temptation as I took a photo of the burger so you could all have a look. The first bite was amazing and it didn’t take me long to polish off my delicious lunch. The only thing I could fault was the size of the burger, although I have been known to be greedy in the past.


Now, with an £8 price tag on a burger that doesn’t come with chips you expect something special, be it size or taste. It definitely delivered with the taste and I felt amazing walking to my car afterwards, I would happily pay the £8 again.

Overview and Rating.

If you’re looking for a quantity over quality burger maybe Five Guys isn’t for you, but for those of you that want to be blown away with taste and satisfaction then get down to your nearest Five Guys ASAP.


By Luke Wright.


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