Sunderland’s nickname is quite apt when you consider how their attempts at premiership survival often resemble a furry feline sliding into a bath, desperately clinging for dear life but never quite dropping in. Big Sam Allardyce is the latest boss to have secured them survival, with much thanks to Jermain Defoe. Allardyce has now shut up shop to go off and lead England, with Defoe no doubt left waiting by the phone for an inevitable call-up (just pray we don’t start saying the same about Lee Cattermole). In Sams place comes Mr Stability David Moyes. A man so pedestrian you can only assume he drives a grey five door saloon with his own personal stash of werthers original in the glovebox and a cassette filled with REM b-sides in the tape deck. Under Moyes tutelage it will no doubt be dull and uninspiring – yet stability is what Sunderland require. More to the point, its what will keep the cat afloat – well, for one more year at least.

Key man: Jermain Defoe

Best signing: Adnan Januzaj

Verdict: 14th

By Darren Wells


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