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Wheyt A Minute…


With thousands of supplements on the market these days, where do you start? If you took advice off every gym bro, your cupboards would be full of pointless pills and powders; constantly being advised what to take, and when to take it.

Lets get one thing straight… THESE ARE ‘SUPPLEMENTS’ there is nothing in these products that you can not get from a healthy balanced diet, but it seems these big supplement companies have your pants round your ankles as you throw your money at them. This does NOT mean that I don’t believe supplements are pointless. Yes, they have their place dependent on your goals, but why do we feel they are essential to making those gains? What can a protein powder give you that a chicken breast can’t? Let me tell you: They are quick; Cost effective and you look like a proper gym lad with a shaker full of protein.

If however, I was forced into a corner with a dumbbell to my head, and told I had to pick three supplements my choices would be:

1) Cod Liver Oil 1000mg – Price £1.99 (Tesco)

Cod liver oil is a great source of Omega 3, and what does omega 3 do?

This fish oil can curb stiffness and joint pain; in addition reduce the risk of heart dresses, as it lowers levels of Triglycerides (Fat in the blood).

2) A-Z Multi-Vitamins and Minerals – Price £2.99 (Tesco) GET THESE IN YOUR DIET

If there is any supplement that you must take, in my opinion, this is the one. A multivitamin and mineral tablet contains everything you need to help supplement your diet including vitamin C to help maintain your immune system and Vitamin B that supports every day energy release from the food you eat.


B Vitamins and vitamin C help maintain energy levels and in addition Magnesium helps reduce tireless and fatigue (Essential after a hard workout).


Vitamin C and Zinc contribute to normal function of the immune system (Prevents illness)

Health Skin

Vitamin B2 helps to maintain a healthy skin complexion (To look good for the ladies)

Healthy Metabolism

Biotin and Chromium help aid a normal metabolism (Does nothing for the ladies)

3) Whey Protein – Price £12.69 (My Protein)

We all know that protein gets all the glory when it comes to muscle building and general diets, and this is simply because most of us do not have enough of it. It is recommended to take 1g of protein for every 1lb of mass (The average 170lb male would need 170g per day). That is about 6 chicken breasts per day 😮 so there is no harm is supplementing your diet with a simple Whey protein instead. Just check whats in it before you buy it, because you could end up with something you didn’t bargain for.

By Anthony Lampitt.


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