Nao – Get To Know Ya.


Low-key Funk guitars. Blatant 90s R’nB phrashes. Fun Pop bridge. These elements often feature on many a producer’s checklist as they try to craft the ‘all-important’ ‘guaranteed hit.’ However vocalist Nao, along with co- producers Jungle, have crafted a song here that feels fun and natural rather than formulaic and rigid.

The guitar and bass work together so well that you almost don’t notice the weak kick drum just pattering along in the background. The noticeable instruments are almost enough to make you want to dance. The sound of Nao’s voice is almost enough to make you want to sing along. What will change the almosts to definites for a lot of people is the relatable age-old tale being recited in the lyrics.

“Just wanna get to know ya, cus you don’t even know me” talks directly to the basic human urge to yearn for other people. The wording may be basic. But so are our emotions. “Maybe we can hold onto, these clouds that we keep falling through” is a nice way to describe the feeling that sharing problems with a significant other will half them and keep you content.

Get To Know Ya deserves to be on everyone’s pop playlists this summer. Whilst not a standout piece of music, this song is fun for any occasion without feeling simple. Throw it on at your next BBQ and it will catch a few ears and inspire foot tapping. A guest or two may even ask, “Who’s this?”

She is Nao

The track is Get To Know Ya

From her album For All We Know

She also appears on Disclosure’s Caracal album

Track Rating: 3/5

By Karl O’Connor


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