Bluegrass, High Wycombe.


Roses are red, violets are blue, I went to Bluegrass… it wasn’t blue.

Bluegrass, a shining light on Paul’s Row in High Wycombe was impressive to say the least. In a road full of Wetherspoon pubs and retail buildings that can’t afford to be shops anymore, a welcoming American BBQ Smokehouse is just what the locals need.

Bluegrass’ modern and well illuminated exterior is an attractive disguise for the old school barn feel that they have occupying the interior. Met by a wide smile and friendly hello, I was seated and had my menu in hand ready to order almost instantly.
The ordering system is one very similar to Nandos. You choose what you’re having and then get up and order it yourself – a system designed for the hungry. I’m a fan.
The Bluegrass Ultimate Pit Boss Burger, homemade chips and a sculpted mound of coleslaw was in front of me within 10 minutes of placing my order. On top of my perfectly cooked burger stood; pulled pork, beef brisket, cheese, bacon and an onion ring, all inside a toasted brioche bun. It may sound like a lot but I was able to taste a bit of everything without making a mess with every bite. The burger was charred but still soft and juicy inside and the onion ring made for a perfect crunch. The only thing I can fault was the lack of sauce inside the burger but fortunately every table is provided with a variety of sauces, my choice was the ‘Kansas’ sauce, not too spicy but there was a definite kick.
I will definitely be heading back to Bluegrass sooner rather than later, I need to experience more of that appealing menu.
With a price tag of 12 British pounds and 95 British pennies I think my rather large belly filler was reasonably priced. They do offer a range of other burgers that start from around 6 pounds, you don’t have to be as greedy as me.
Overall, a restaurant with friendly staff, delicious food and an ambient atmosphere.
By Luke Wright.

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