Gentleman’s Dub Club – Enter the Chamber. 

This spring, like many before, I started to panic that summer was approaching and I hadn’t booked any festival tickets yet. I like a variety of musical styles and as such I like to try a variety of new festivals each year. So I asked as many people as possible what their favourite festivals were and why. This band came up in the conversation regularly. The Dub Reggae stylings of their music just sound like summer. However, when talking about albums by similar groups, such as Mungo’s Hifi or Fat Freddy’s Drop, their music wasn’t brought up as frequently.


Do Gentleman’s Dub Club make boring songs? A few bands get away with songs that don’t work at home or in the car but completely come to life on stage because of the players’ charisma and stage presence. I think this song proves that they are not one of those bands. I hear that their live performances are the kind that could give life to just about any song. But this song has a life of its own on record before you experience it in the live setting.


The big horns on the track’s intro let you feel straight away that you are about to have fun. For a lot of listeners the following stabs of keyboard over the organ melody might feel anticlimactic. But I feel that the signature dub sound effects that creep in and out of the track are enough to keep you interested. Which is important for a track like this because it keeps your attention just long enough to realise that the bass line is moving through you.


This song provides a laid back natural spring to your summer step. Not one element is too heavy. Considering genre, the bass in this song could have been a lot louder in the mix. But thankfully it is at just the right level to let the melody and every other sound come through clearly. I can’t help but wonder what a vocal version of this song would sound like. It feels too light for an MC yet to heavy for a singer. I look forward to a skilled vocalist one day using this track to prove me wrong.


You can catch all 9 members of Gentleman’s Dub Club performing Up and down the UK, France and Croatia… OR you can get their latest album The Big Smoke


Track Rating: 3/5

By Karl O’Connor.


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