Red Iron Burgers, Uxbridge.

A flashy new website, a well structured menu and a modern makeover were all part of an exciting, hunger motivated build up that ultimately lead to an average burger.  
‘The Red Iron Burger’, that featured  onions, jalapeños, cheese and Red Iron sauce had all the same textures and flavours you’d expect from a cheap burger and beer deal in your local public house. I appreciated it when the jalapeños kicked in to remind me I wasn’t eating a cheap pub patty. The good news is that either side of the filling, the bun was particularly soft, this is the first thing I look for in any burger I savour.
Luckily, my burger was coupled with a healthy portion of sweet potato fries that were particularly tasty; especially when accompanied with the chipotle mayo I paid an extra 40 pence for. 
After washing all of the above down with my faultless Oreo milkshake I was comfortably stuffed.
As a man who enjoys his grub, I’ve spent all day trying to find more positives from this meal but overall Red Iron Burgers restaurant is badly lit, slightly overpriced and probably only worth the journey if you fancy a top notch milkshake. 

By Luke Wright


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