Men’s Society – Damn Handsome Beard Kit.

Beard oil, a comb, scissors and wax are the main ingredients for any good beard recipe, those exact elements are what you get in a Damn Handsome Beard Kit. 

What I really like about this beard kit is that not only do you get the essentials, but a little extra goes in too. When opening the professionally branded tin you’re greeted by a cardboard casing that guides you through ‘how to get a damn handsome beard’, this could be a great help to any first time beard trimmers.

The 10ml bottle of oil has a subtle but noticeable scent of orange which I really like. You only need about 2 or 3 drops of oil at a time and once massaged in to your beard it stays soft and shiny for hours.

The moustache shaped comb is my favourite component, not only does it work well as a comb but it’s so nice to look at! Even if oil and wax aren’t for you, I recommend buying one of these combs, they’re really sturdy and it would take some force to damage.

There isn’t too much to say about the scissors. Although they are small, they are easy to use and they cut straight through the hair without any unwanted pull. 

To finish it all off, the 15ml tin of wax is really quite great. After rubbing a small amount into your hands and shaping your facial hair in the mirror, your beard is ready to leave the house.

‘Sit back and admire, you look damn handsome’

Overall rating – 8/10

To buy your own Damn Handsome Beard Kit, head over to

By Luke Wright


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