Half Man Half Burger, Hastings.

Set along the seafront, Half Man Half Burger is a perfect location to enjoy a spot of lunch. With friendly staff and a great choice of craft beers I felt right at home. 

Two patties, smokey bacon and onion relish, Monterey Jack cheese, mustard mayo and shredded iceberg were the elements that made up The Smokestack burger, that’s why I chose it. The service was fantastic and I had my burger in front of me within 15 minutes of ordering it. Although I really enjoyed my burger, I couldn’t taste anything other than the two, thick patties. I think if there was half the amount of meat, the burger would have been twice as good. 

As a side, I chose the ‘Devils Fingers’ which to you and me are chunky, deep fried halloumi fries. They were brilliant. Dipped in chipotle mayo, the halloumi fries really made the trip worth while.

I will definitely be going back to Half Man Half Burger one day for a less meaty burger and a lot more Devils Fingers.


By Luke Wright 


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