Prime Steak & Grill, Chandler’s Cross.

‘Prime’ Burger – waste of money. 

My main issue with the burger was how dry it was. The only chance of moisture came from an unnoticeable amount of mayonnaise accompanying the shredded lettuce on the lower cut of the burnt brioche bun. The patty itself didn’t taste at all seasoned and the bacon on top of it was so crispy I cut the roof of my mouth. Underneath the meat, I was unlucky enough to get the highest cut from of a rather large tomato, this meant that I had the not so nice, firm green bit in the centre. 

The restaurant itself was absolutely lovely, it was well lit and not too busy. The staff were really attentive and apart from my food I really enjoyed myself.


Following this poor meal I am taking a break from my burger quest and venturing out to share my views on some alternative cuisine. 

By Luke Wright


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